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Welcome to Personnel Management Information System

Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) holds and manages all the basic information of employee such as: personal information, family background, educational background, service background etc. It monitors employee performance, leave of absence etc. Available reports includes personnel data sheet, personnel movement, service record etc. Security features like basic audit trail which track all activity conducted on the system, user access level and standard login. It’s a decision support system designed to provide general guidance and information on all areas of Willworth Personnel Management.

This will increase efficiency, speed and reliability of the information. In this project, an efficient creation and management of staff record in the Human Resources Division has been ensured through a user defined database management system. The program is made to automatically updating staff information. Modification of record is carried out by updating already existing record depending on when an existing staff is promoted or transferred to a new department or branch. The system eliminates the problems encountered with the manual system, and enhance speedy processing of information. Regular Updates and followup data’s are maintained by Creative IT Limited (

Creative IT Limited and Creative IT Training Institute an IT partner of willworth corporation. Creative is a complete business solution for both medium and large business enterprises. A core suite of resource management modules covering Financials, Human Resources and Inventory Management integrate seamlessly with a number of front office operational modules to provide an ideal solution that can be up and running very efficiently. Its flexible architecture allows easy integration of additional modules for both horizontal and vertical functionality enhancements for business process re-engineering. Creative offers a wide range of features entirely configurable by each enterprise.

Features & Benefits:

v  Increase in Personnel work effectiveness

v  Centralized employee database

v  Detailed employee record

v  End-to-end real time processing

v  Extensive multilevel security

v  User-defined products, look and feel

v  User-defined configuration for core functionality

v  Elimination of Paperwork & Manual Processes

v  Image capture utility

v  Interfaces with barcode reader

v  Rapid implementation

v  Allows employees to access their information any time


Point of Sale (POS) for Outlet

Creative IT Limited is specialized in Software Development, IT Training, Consultancy in IT & Telecommunication projects. We established this apps in 2018, after a long experience and number of achievements in IT innovation.

The core team is fundamentalist technical, having more than a decade of efforts in the same capacity, working with domestic and international clients.

HRD Management System

HRD Management System.

HRD Management System for outlet (Multi-branch).


We designed a Cloud based web application to meet the “HRD Management Automation” requirements, its 100% free from local IT Support and any layman may be trained to operate it.

Remote IT & Software development support free for paid subscriber which includes the following services.


Ø 2 Years Data backup.

Ø Report Customization & additional relevant Modules development.

Ø 2 Free training in a year.

Ø Multi Users & Multi branches support.

Ø Another advantage is “Online Branches” features, means you can get reports & updates in Real-time environment of any branch…just a click away.




More than one branches enlistment, real-time reporting & updates. Branches Specialization Information Branches Revenue Reports.


E-DOC – Document Management System


E-Doc is Document Management System, making the work easy for team collaboration, Sharing Drafts/Doc , Noting , Marking and Tracking work within team members only. Also good for Centralized Documents library.. access from anywhere via secured link.

E-Doc is a web application to deal with crucial documents library with quick search facility, sharing document(s) with enlisted colleges, commenting and assigning to each other’s.

E-Doc is very user-friendly and well organized pattern to work, each documents and nothings is organized in subject wise under relevant project umbrella.

Its multi-browser and cross platform supported, multi-branches and multi-user, fully secured and safe from threat, its eliminate the File-Server requirement.


HRMS & Attendance System

 (Real-time, and multi-branch solution)

HRMS & Attendance System (Real-time, and multi-branch solution)

HRMS & Attendance System Screenshots

Stock Inventory System


OCAS- Online Credit Approval System is a fully automated Document Management solution including archiving to enhance green technology and relieve Organization from manual loan/credit system. To automate the entire process of loan/credit starting from Loan Applicant Eligibility Checking. Automated CRG (Credit Risk Grading), Field Investigation, Client Communication, Financial Analysis, Loan Approval/Rejection, etc. are the features of OCAS. OCAS facilitates fully automated Loan Processing capabilities for corporate, retail & SME loan products. Beginning with capturing of credit requests and route them through a user defined workflow, OCAS gives the user control, flexible and dynamic workflow necessary to give the quick turn around on loan processing.

Features & Benefits:

v  Fully automated credit approval system

v  Minimize risk and manual intervention

v  Dynamic & secure document management

v  Automated documents archiving system

v  Automated CRG

v  Multilevel security features

v  Paperless credit approval system

v  Promote green banking

v  Decrease processing time

v  Less manpower involved

v  Reduces dependency

v  Increases efficiency & accountability

v  Reduce customer on-boarding cycle time

v  Minimize data entry errors and incomplete credit applications

v  Improve audit compliance with a complete record of all activities


Creative IT Ltd has developed Agent Banking Solution to provide banking services to unbanked people as well as bring mass rural people under Financial Inclusion. Innovative processes including Bio-Metric, OTP, Webcam, NFC and Green Banking technology has been used to develop the solution.

Features & Benefits:

v  Customer KYC

·       AML Screening

·       School banking

+       Dashboard

·       Mobile Top-Up

v  ATM withdrawal

·       Balance inquiry

+       POS integration

+       SMS Notification

v  Merchant payment

·       Agent Management

v  Passport fee collection

+       Account opening services

+       Receiving of clearing cheque

·       Facilitating utility bills collection

+       Cash deposit and cash withdraw

+       Transaction profile & limit control

+       Mobile Apps for Agent & Customers

+       Fund Transfer including EFTN, RTGS

v  Inward Foreign Remittance Disbursement

+       Generation and issuance of Mini bank statements

·       Bio-metric & OTP Authentication for User & Customer

v  Cash payment under Social Safety Net Program of the Government

·       Facilitating small value loan disbursement and recovery of loans Installments

Collection and processing of documents in relation to account opening, loan application


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