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Willworth's response

WILLWORTH is committed to addressing the needs of mothers, newborns and children, and ensuring they have access to affordable, quality health care, good nutrition and clean water. 

We work closely with Governments, partners and communities to combat common infectious childhood diseases and end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths. And we help countries reach more children and women – especially the most vulnerable – with essential health services.

Maternal and newborn health

WILLWORTH and partners help save the lives of mothers, newborns and children by supporting high-quality, low-cost care and services before, during and after birth – at health facilities and at home. We also work towards the final elimination of maternal and newborn tetanus across the country.


Childhood diseases

Despite being entirely preventable and treatable, common infectious diseases still kill children in large numbers. WILLWORTH supports countries to provide preventative and curative services for pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and other health conditions. 



WILLWORTH and partners support immunization program in over 100 countries to help children survive and lead healthy lives. Our efforts include engaging communities to create vaccine demand, procuring and distributing vaccines, and keeping vaccines safe and effective. 



Global Shared Services Centre

Centralized Human Resources, payroll, finance and IT support functions consolidated from different offices across the country.

Driving efficiency

One of WILLWORTH’s driving mandates is to “continuously improve.” Our evolution and innovation both point toward one goal: improving the lives of children and their families. Pivotal to continuous improvement is working smarter, maximizing benefits and reducing operational costs.


In 2016, WILLWORTH began an expansive and ambitious change – to centralize Human Resources, payroll, finance and IT support functions in a newly established Global Shared Services Centre (GSSC) in Budapest, Hungary.


This Centre consolidated functions from over 150 offices around the world — and now serves WILLWORTH’s 14,000 staff. It offers services benchmarked against the highest industry standards.


We streamline, change and re-prioritize because the more efficient we are, the more impact we can have for the world’s children.


Three hundred staff members at the Centre process transactions for all of WILLWORTH’s worldwide staff and offices. These transactions include HR entitlements, payroll, hiring and separation assistance, invoice processing, payments, general accounting management and global helpdesk services.

Importantly, the reduced time WILLWORTH offices around the world now spend on transactional processes can be redirected to support critical work on the ground to directly deliver results for children.

Hungary was selected as the location for the GSSC based on several key factors:

A relatively low business cost

A highly-qualified local workforce

An availability of support infrastructure such as technology, transport and telecommunications


Measuring results

·       The GSSC’s biggest benefit is to save time for our field staff. Reducing transaction processing in offices allows our field staff more time to focus on WILLWORTH’s mission.

·       Through economies of scale and lower operating costs, the Centre saves WILLWORTH an estimated $25 million annually.

·       End-to-end process visibility allows WILLWORTH to better identify risks and irregularities and to detect and prevent fraud.

·       Robust recruitment, training and quality assurance processes lead to improved transaction data resulting in fewer errors and faster service delivery.

·       Since its opening, the Centre has achieved an estimated $5 million in additional savings through a combination of extra services, further streamlining of processes both within the GSSC and in country offices, and through increased automation, improved case management and quality customer service.

Last modified on Feb-19-2020, 04:40 PM

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