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Willworth implementation

Ø  Welcome to Willworth/Dhonnobad

Ø  Table of Contents

Ø  Define Business objects

Ø  Configure data model

Ø  Relationship

Ø  Configure job and surveys

Ø  Dhonnabad Example

Ø  Deploy

Ø  Maintenance

Welcome to Willworth!

We’re excited to have you on board, and we expect that you’re excited about launching Willworth in the field. This implementation guide is designed to help you launch Willworth, so you can start using data to make more informed decisions for your organization and better drive your processes in the field.

You may have completed your Willworth evaluation, in which case you already have a survey in place. This implementation guide will help you get the rest of the system up and running so you’re able to see results as data comes back into Salesforce/Outlet Manager.

If you have not done an evaluation, this guide will help you through the implementation process from beginning to end!

As you can imagine, there is a considerable Salesforce/Outlet Manager component to launching Willworth. This guide will help you frame your approach for using Salesforce/Outlet Manager for Willworth. Where available, we’ve included links to additional resources.

As you walk through this guide, if you have any questions, you have several options available to you:


•Search for articles in our Customer Support Site.

•Search for video tutorials in our YouTube channel.

•Reach out to your account representative.

•If your question cannot be answered in the above channels, email a support ticket to

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