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Why join willworth

Willworth is an equal opportunity organization allowing no discrimination on grounds of gender, religions, caste or creed. However, for some posts either male or female may be specified to meet the special requirements of the job. To be eligible for employment the candidates must have the minimum age of 18 years. The qualified professionals work together as a team and serve with dignity and the highest level of integrity. We believe in excellence and continuously improve our customer service and obtain the loyalty of our customers by providing service beyond their expectations.


Promotion, annual increment, yearly two festival bonuses, gratuity, provident fund, Group term insurance, Hospitalization insurance, incentive bonus etc. are available for the employees of the Willworth. The work environment of Willworth is very friendly. The company maintains the open-door policy. All are allowed to express their opinion to the Chief Executive Officer, if necessary good opportunities prevail in the Willworth who desire to build up their career in this arena.


Our Vision

"To be the best in the MFS/DFS/FMCG/IT sector of Bangladesh in adopting the up- to- date mechanisms to manage the Human resources of the financial Services". This outlook has been developed into a strategic vision enabling us to integrate effectively with other departments and branches of the Willworth so as to ultimately serve the overall objectives of the program and display the role of HR in realizing these goals.

HR Message

One needs to be choosy in regards to career selection. The career that is chosen first will be the gateway of future direction towards success. So, it is better to start with a reputed learning environment, which will ensure smooth career progression. Willworth provides such learning environment, career development strategy, scope for development of individual talents. We offer an excellent atmosphere and competitive compensation package in a way that always match our employees' desires. In an exchange of all the above mentioned, we look for individuals with quality education, team-spirit, drive for professional excellence, creative approaches who can, in turn, produce desired result.


Selection Process

Employee Selection is the process of putting right men on right job. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people. HR relies on the use of up-to date methods for selecting and appointing candidates for a job.

Recruitment and Selection Process for Fresh candidate -

  • Invitation of Application
  • CV Screening
  • Written Test
  • Interview
  • Selection and Appointment Letter
  • Medical Examination
  • Joining


HR Principles

Willworth follows seven HR principles, which form the basis of its HR policy:

  • Mutual trust: Expressed through openness, respect, co-operation between colleagues;
  • Personal development: The personal growth of employees leads to the growth of the organization;
  • Leadership: The constant improvement and development of managers, focused concentration on leadership and team performance, achieving a result; 
  • The right people in the right place: Continuous growth and development fitting for the employee’s stage of life and complementary to the needs of the company; 
  • Employment conditions: Willworth’s employment conditions package is market competitive and aimed at optimum individual performance and personal development;
  • Work safety: Health, safety and well-being are core issues for every employee in every function and in every working situation;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important starting point.

*Available Jobs : All Advertisement to be included.


The Willworth has three broad categories of Manager: Outlet Manager, Unit Manager and Executive/ Officers. Each has its own specialized training, responsibilities and areas of expertise. Each and every executives are the pride of our Willworth. Together everyone is devoted to achieve the goal of the company and ensure the overall development of community and country.

Browse Careers and Jobs

Look through the following categories to find a job that matches your interest and/or experience. The number next to the category subject represents the number of job vacancies in that category.

Become an Outlet Manger/Unit Manager//Executive/Officer


To apply for an Outlet Manger/Unit Manager//Executive/Officer

25-30 years old on January 01 or July 01 at the date and year of joining Willworth for training. 30+ years for serving executive.

A Bangladeshi citizen.

Not married.

Having passed SSC and HSC exam with one GPA-5.0 and another at least GPA 4.5 for and executive/manager. For candidates of English Medium - at least 03xA & 3xB grade out of 06 subjec in 'O' level and 02xB grade out of 02 subjects in 'A' level OR at least 02xA; 3xB; 1xC grade out of 06 subjec in 'O' level and 01xA & 01xB grade out of 02 subjects in 'A' level have to be obtained.


A standard physical fitness as described under :


Height       1.63 meter / 5ft 4 inchs

Weight       50 KG (110 pound)

Chest         0.76 Meter (30 Inch) Normal, 0.81 Meter (32 Inch) Expanded




Height       1.60 meter / 5ft 2 inchs

Weight       47 KG (104 pound)

Chest         0.71 Meter (28 Inch) Normal, 0.76 Meter (30 Inch) Expanded


Total Compensation

Its more than just salary

All executive serving in Willworth receives a standard monthly salary as cash compensation. Besides Non-cash compensation are also offered which are almost 40 percent of the total compensation package. Non-cash compensation includes health care, retirement pay, childcare and free or subsidized food, housing and education of both serviceman and their children.


Your salary package:

An Executive/Officer earn Basic Pay as per Joint Service Instruction approved by willworth corporation. Basic Pay is your base salary. Basic Pay is distributed on the 1st of every month.

How's the money

Your Basic Pay depends on your position and service length. Your pay will increase as you promoted and years of experience.

For special duties & skill

In addition to Basic Pay, there are many types of extra pay for Executives and Officers with special skills or duties that carry extra responsibility or risk.

Bonuses/ Allowances earning extra money

In addition to Basic Pay, there are many opportunities to earn additional money in the Army.

  • Eid/ Festival Allowance (2 in a year)
  • Defense Services Allowance
  • Outfit Allowances
  • Travel Allowances
  • Medical Allowances


Education :

Academic & Training institute (willworth’s enrolled) are providing some benifits for executive’s , family member’s & beneficiaries.


Health Care & Vacation


Health care and leave/vacation

Willworth is committed to the well being of the community of people who serve and stand ready to surve Willwoth. Executives and their families receive comprehensive health care, life insurance and generous leave/ vacation time.


Health Care

As an executive, you and your family are automatically covered by a comprehensive medical care and dental care at no cost/subsidized cost. Willworth’s Medical team is one of the biggest health care networks in Bangladesh, utilizing state-of-the-art technology in standard facilities facilities.


Life Insurance

Willworth family security scheme is a insurance for all serving officers and executives. All serving officers and executives are covered by this insurance against any accidental death risk regardless of their age.



Time off is an important component of executive life and well being. Every executives in willworth receive:


   45 days privileged leave annually for executives and 30 days annually for officers.

Casual Leave

Weekends free*

National holidays*

Sick Leave as needed

*As with any job, programe and training may require work on weekends or holidays.


Additional Incentives

Beyond salary, education and housing benefits, the willworth provides valuable services, support , counseling and training for the whole family. Many of the services are free or at discounted prices.

Willworth Poribar Kollyan Somity

The WPKS offers several unique programs to help workers/executive to train their families on various vocational subjects and handicrafts. Bank offers various financial support to all serving Officers, Officers and Executives.

A wide range of family advocacy initiatives are available to WPKS officers families through officers ladies club.

Willworth has started providing day care, e-learning and educational facilities for the special child of all serving officers and executives at various areas through Creative E-School.

Willworth offers a wide range of departmental store facility of all daily needs with whole sale price facility at almost every outlet for the executives.

WPKS provides various welfare facilities for the serving and retired executives. Every Executives need to pursue opportunities in the civilian world after retiring from the Army. Besides looking for opportunities by yourself , Army provides special support to find out a better job opportunity for every interested retired executive.

After term of service from the Willworth, there are many valuable benefits available to you. Retiree benefits can help you pay for higher studies for your children, buy a home.

Retirement savings plan

As an executive, you are eligible to participate in a retirement savings and investment plan. If you contribute to the Provident fund from your basic pay, you may also contribute from 1 to 100 percent of any incentive or special pay (including bonus pay) you receive. Provident fund contributions are tax-exempt. This Service is provided by our listed bank/insurance company.

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