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For over 20 years, Willworth Corporation (WWC) is contributing towards the growth of Bangladesh economy by creating entrepreneurs and serving the underserved. Our guiding principle in this regard is to empower people, businesses and communities by enhancing their financial well-being. We are proud to be regarded as a safe, strong and community minded organization by our customers & beneficiaries. It is our delight to be judged as a good place to work by our employees, a good place to be associated with by our beneficiaries, stakeholders.

It is our immense pleasure to present the performance of the Willworth Corporation. This year Willworth achieved sustainable value through pursuing pragmatic strategic direction and competent navigation in line with fiscal and monetary policies specially introducing Dhonnobad Outlet program in all over the country. our review will help to take a closer look on how the willworth confronted many challenges and delivered enhanced value to all beneficiaries. Hence, robust economic growth is essential to reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity. As such due to stable position of inflation the purchasing power is in increasing trend due to such lowering inflation rate.

Willworth Corporation has opened 5000 Outlet including Distric/Upzilla level Branch across the country to provide seamless services to its beneficiaries. For rendering better Mobile financial & communities services. willworth has demonstrated its strong commitment to create culture of innovation by introducing a product “ab¨ev`” to provide financial opportunity to young graduated entrepreneurs having talent and urge to innovate and create but have lack of initial funds. Willworth plays an important role in building a strong and thriving society through its rigorous corporate social responsibilities and also assist in achieving the sustainable development goals for the greater interest of the stakeholders.

Strategic Focus in 2021

Thank you for your cooperation to date; we now request your involvement in converting our commitment and passion for this program into a successful venture which will upgrade our young people and add to the employment rolls.

We have set a number of goals for ourselves to realize by 2021:

      Train and support initially 5,000 startups outlet in different sectors by ধন্যবাদ program of Willworth Corporation by first hundred days. 5000+ outlet manager and associate workers (20,000) receive substantially higher wages and are fully integrated into the value chain.

      Participate in around some businesses with an average required investment of in upcoming emerging areas by Willworth Corporation.

      By 2021, number of outlets will be 100,000+ and 2.5 M workers/outlet manager & associates to be employed and cover the whole country with touching each and every family of Bangladesh.

      Improved business ecosystems by training outlet manager and associates through the Willworth in different courses.

      Introduction of premium brands in financial inclusion (MFS/DFS etc) and consumer products & appliances by ধন্যবাদ outlets.


We started our journey on 27th November, 2013 to materialize the dream of a group of successful and renowned entrepreneurs of the country with a mission to assist in bringing high quality service to the customers and to participate in the growth and expansion of national economy. Our vision is to have a poverty free Bangladesh and we are providing financial services including commodities items to all the segments of the society including the masses and marginalized people of the rural and the remotest parts. We are providing services to the cottage, micro, small and medium enterprise clients. At willworth corporation, we look beyond short-term quantitative gains and concentrate on issues that make our willworth a socially responsible institution. During last five years, we have worked extensively to serve the financially excluded segments of the society, especially through our unique ab¨ev` services, which has huge impact on the society and rural economy. We are working relentlessly with the vision that "Every child in our country will have a bank account & one DPS and Every village/union/ward in our country will have a Financial kiosk ab¨ev` outlet."

We are providing technology-driven modern, real-time online services at all the branches and other business outlet. We have an extensive network of 500 ab¨ev` business outlets comprising of financial services and commodities items and home appliance to the beneficiaries, SME service center. I strongly believe that our dedicated services and innovative products as well as the enthusiastic team of professionals will be able to protect the interest of the stakeholders, ensure total satisfaction of the beneficiaries, and contribute significantly towards reducing poverty of the country thereby making a FORWARD TO PEOPLE for all. Our aim is to bring the poor and marginalized people to the main stream of the development.

We have entered 2019 with a more positive outlook and I am excited by the opportunities we have to contribute to the strong growth track of our country and to help improve the lives of all citizens. The willworth Corporate Values will dictate our actions at work so that we can continually deliver superior service and meet the needs of our customers by truly beneficiaries. Total number of 15,000 employees and 10,000 support staffs works every day to add value to our 1 million plus beneficiaries. I am grateful for their ongoing commitments to embracing change, ensuring willworth leads to the competition while living a strongly ethical culture.

Finally, we want to work together to final the solution to tackle the challenges of today, to build better future for ourselves and the world; the next generation will inherit.

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