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Social development program

Corporate Social Responsibility


A view to ensure welfare of the greater community by utilizing the C.S.R. & Zakah fund, Willwoth has established a foundation called "Willworth Foundation".The main objectives of Willworth Foundation are:
  • To provide health-care to poor and distressed people.
  • To provide education support to meritorious but poor students through scholarship, award.
  • To provide financial assistance to flood, cyclone or disaster affected people.
  • To support humanitarian.
  • To provide financial assistance to development of culture, sports of the country.
  • To participate in social and environmental activities.


Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. C.S.R. policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. The goal of C.S.R. is to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.


Sector for Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) as per Regulatory Authority Instruction Yearly C.S.R. to be allocated C.S.R. Contribution of WillworthLtd
Education and Job focused Vocational Training 30% Distribution of Scholarship to 500 Students of S.S.C.& H.S.C. level each year.
Preventive and Curative Healthcare 20% Donation to Hospitals running as non-profitable organizations.
Climate Risk Fund (CRF)/Environment Purpose 10% Tree Plantation(program arranged by Willworth 10 branches separately in 2013), House Repair in cyclone(was done last in Brahmonbaria natural disaster affected area), flood affected area etc.
Remaining Other Sectors (Disaster Crisis, Sports art and culture etc). 40% Blanket Distribution and Cash Contribution to Prime Ministers Fundto assist in national and international disasters as remarkably did during Tajrin Fashion Disaster, Rana Plaza Disaster, Nepals' massive Earth Quake, Rohingya Aid etc.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the Willworth Ltd has been shaped out considering following perspectives:

  • Responsibility towards outlet associate 
  • Responsibility towards beneficiaries
  • Responsibility towards Suppliers
  • Responsibility towards Community
  • Responsibility towards Environment


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to self-regulatory mechanism whereby a willworth ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national or international norms. Bangladesh Willwoth CSR Guideline is the guiding principle in designing our CSR roadmap. Willworth prioritizes on long- term programs rather than the short-term ones that have sustainable and lasting impact on the people and society of the country. Willworth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Bangladesh runs with the aforementioned philosophies which are framed by the Board of Directors of our Willwoth. At Willwoth Asia, employees work with a greater mission. They are motivated to contribute to the Willwoth’s social initiatives like warm clothes distribution to cold hit peoples all over Bangladesh, Scholarship to meritorious student, as part of “spreading knowledge” distributing free newspaper daily to different well-known university in Bangladesh. We also provide IP Camera in different location in Bangladesh for safely and security. Willworthalso contributed in sports like Bangabandhu Int’l Volleyball Championship-2018 and Inhouse tournament. Employees’ passionate involvement in CSR adds new dimensions to the Willwoth’s CSR portfolio. During 2018, Willworth has spent an amount of Tk.126.91 million for the overall betterment of the nation.

We strongly believe that being country’s one of the largest entrepreneurs we have duties to boost up others’ potentials. That is why Partex Star Group always tries to join hands together with the educational forums, environment and health related issues.

Our engagement with different women empowerment programs has changed many lives. But the real credit for positive change is always to those whom we have enabled on the path of sustainable and inclusive growth & well-being.

Education Sector

Partex Star Goup is long been involved in CSR activities. Since 1989 it has been running the Kuripara High School, which now has over 1000 students.

Environment Sector

Partex Star Group also has a tree plantation project on more than 65 bighas of land and the group is gradually acquiring the land to increase the project’s area.

Willworth is quite conscious of its social responsibility and always trying to participate in social cause program in the country. Willworth is committed to serve the society at large through its family empowerment Micro Investment, Micro Enterprise and SME programs under non-formal sector, social capital mobilization through programs under voluntary sector. The Willwoth has already formed CSR Desk with the aim to serve humanity through different philanthropic activities giving emphasis on health and Education. The Willwoth believes that any kinds of social & philanthropic activities would improve the quality of the lives of the poor masses of the country.


The Board of Directors of the Willwoth consists of winning personalities in respective area of Trade, Commerce & Industry of the country. Under the proactive guidance, policy and direction of the Board, Management conducts its business operations. The Corporate Governance systems in SIBL ensure transparency and accountability at all levels in conducting business.


The Shariah Supervisory Committee is consisting a group of prominent Islamic Scholars, Economists and Lawyers to advise the Management on Shariah matters relating to the business operations.



The Board of Directors provides leadership and direction to the Management to attain goals and objectives of the Willwoth. The solid performance of the Willwoth that achieved is due to the divine blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and constant guidance, cooperation and support of the Board & Shariah Supervisory Committee as well as committed, dedicated and hard work of the Management Team.



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