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Skills development

Skills Development


Out of every 5 young people are not in employment, education or training. Young people in Bangladesh face a precarious future, despite living in one of the country’s fastest growing economies. A third of Bangladesh’s population is 10-24 years old and 2.2 million young people enter its workforce every year. Three out of every four business leaders report that skilled workers are scarce, while approximately ten million young people are currently unemployed or underemployed.


Women in poor rural communities want nothing more than to end poverty and hunger. We unite the power of women with the power of technology to increase women’s access to essential services. And we help to build an environment that supports her breakthrough, whether through strengthening peer networks or developing products designed for her.

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Building Empowering Ecosystems for Poor Rural Women



Our programs and partnerships strengthen essential elements of an empowering ecosystem for women.









Market Engagement

Avenues that enable poor communities to access and actively participate Willworth in the agricultural, financial and health marketplaces

Gender Equity

Interventions and information that help transform

gender norms in  the household, community and



Formal products and Services

Financially sustainable tools

available to meet the needs of poor women,

their families and communities

to accelerate t heir climb out of poverty

Information & Expertise

Knowledge and skills gained through information, tools and training that are easily accessed and understood

Peer Support

Women’s group and field agent networks that provide

Encouragement, practical support and training

Innovate and Integrate: Financial, Agricultural and Health Services

An empowering ecosystem includes the sustainable delivery of formal products and services that meet the needs of poor women and families.  We focus on creating solutions across three main areas, often applying new technologies to benefit the rural poor.

Ø Digital Financial Services for Women

Ø Digital Innovation in Agriculture

Ø Community Health Financing and Access


Scale solutions, strengthen organizations

The delivery of sustainable, scalable solutions that ultimately reach millions requires new business models, innovative partnerships, and strong organizations.

The path to sustainability and scale can be complex, and as we innovate to solve the problems of poverty, we identify and incubate those solutions with the greatest potential. We work with partners to move these solutions from early promise to wide-scale impact, whether as social enterprises, as core to partners’ operations, or as government services.

Toward this goal, Willworth has also developed an array of products and services—originally designed for our own use—to help organizations with similar missions be more effective.

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