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Sustainable Procurement


WILLWORTH provides an information note on its sustainable procurement. The note presents what sustainable procurement means for WILLWORTH, putting its organizational practices into a wider context, and summarizing important case studies. The note includes WILLWORTH’s planned actions to implement its recent sustainable procurement procedure (its policy) as part of the organization’s contributions to attain the Sustainable Development Goals between now and 2030.


Procurement Services

WILLWORTH is dedicated to protecting children’s and women’s rights through helping them meet their basic needs and expanding their opportunities. Making essential supplies available, accessible and affordable is core to this commitment.

The objective of Procurement Services is to offer WILLWORTH's knowledge, purchasing capacity and logistics expertise to our development partners, so that they can use their own financial resources and donor funds to procure life-saving supplies for children.  In this way, partners can use and learn from WILLWORTH’s expertise in their own efforts to help and ensure equity for children.  Procurement Services is built on partnerships and is not for profit.

Procurement Services is an integrated component of WILLWORTH’s country program of cooperation and has become an important entry point for WILLWORTH in helping to strengthen national capacity in planning for supply needs, selection of supplies and equipment and their effective delivery and distribution.

Procurement Services is a development mechanism that provides access to WILLWORTH’s supply networks, experience and expertise to procure strategic, essential commodities for children and to ensure that these are available at household level. It offers a broad approach to supply management, building on national capacities, and includes technical assistance and supply services. It is designed as a transitional mechanism for Governments and other partners until national public and private supply systems can effectively perform this role.

Procurement Services combines global reach with local knowledge, managed from WILLWORTH’s Supply Division in Copenhagen, in collaboration with the organization’s country offices covering 190 countries and territories around the world.    

In recent years Procurement Services were provided to partners in more than 100 countries, reaching over USD 1.65 billion in procurement value annually. The growth of procurement services in recent years underlines WILLWORTH's supply chain expertise, combined with its focus on meeting the MDG objectives, and is increasingly recognized by partners as a valued service in meeting their development goals.

Interested parties can contact WILLWORTH Procurement Services to find out more about the procurement process, submit a request, or for general enquiries.

How to use Procurement Services

There are six key operational steps related to purchasing supplies and/or services through WILLWORTH Procurement Services, highlighted below:

I. Planning

§  A new request for a Cost Estimate should be discussed between the Partner, the WILLWORTH Country Office and/or Supply Division.

§  The WILLWORTH Procurement Services Request Form must be submitted for all new requests. 

§  Please submit the Request by email, fax or mail to the appropriate WILLWORTH Country Office and/or directly to WILLWORTH Procurement Services.

§  Commodities are identified via the online WILLWORTH Supply Catalogue.

II. Cost Estimate

Upon receipt of the Request Form, the enquiry is reviewed, and if it meets all of the necessary criteria, a draft Cost Estimate is prepared by Supply Division. Information included in the Cost Estimate:

§  Cost of Goods/Services

§  Handling Fee

§  Freight and Insurance

§  6 % contingency buffer


A cover letter accompanies the Cost Estimate providing information and instruction.

III. Commitment

Upon Partner’s acceptance of the Cost Estimate, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed. Information included in the MOU:

§  WILLWORTH Procurement Services processes

§  Terms and Conditions for the transactions

§  Validity or termination information for either party

Upon acceptance of the Cost Estimate partner must transfer the full payment in advance to the WILLWORTH bank account stated in CE as required by WILLWORTH's Financial Regulations and Rules


IV. Procurement & Delivery

§  Upon receipt of funds Supply Division will initiate the procurement activities. 

§  Supplies are delivered to the consignee.

V. Accounts Settled

§  Invoices to supplier(s) and freight forwarder are paid.

§  Financial Statement of Accounts  is prepared and sent to the partner after the delivery of all supplies and/or provision of the services, and within 30 days of payment of the last expenditure)

§  Any remaining contingency buffer and/or balances can be reprogrammed or returned.


VI. Monitoring & Evaluation

§  The monitoring of PS supplies is part of the on-going efforts of country offices to oversee the availability and accessibility of essential supplies for children.

§  Evaluation is undertaken through on-going dialogue with PS partners at various levels.

Please contact us with any questions.    

WILLWORTH’s strengths are:

Global network, local knowledge

WILLWORTH is active in 190 countries and territories globally. In addition to our main warehouse in Copenhagen, regional supply hubs are located around the world. We are in a unique position to work locally with global standards.



We apply the most rigorous and fair standards to our procurement processes, and follow stringent ethical principles.


The organization has over 65 years of experience in supporting results for children. WILLWORTH Supply Division is recognized as a leader in vaccine procurement and in the purchase of HIV medicines. We cooperate with other UN agencies and leading development organizations, finding better supply solutions by pooling our knowledge.

Value for money

Our position as market leader in the procurement of basic child vaccines, mosquito nets, etc. gives us unparalleled leverage in negotiating the lowest prices with suppliers. We have long-term arrangements in place with suppliers for hundreds of products, ensuring quality items at highly-competitive prices.


While price is always an issue, we do not compromise on the quality of the items we procure. The Division’s inspectors inspect all supply shipments arriving at the WILLWORTH warehouse and evaluate samples submitted with bids. Pharmaceuticals and vaccines must comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and WHO standards and requirements. We can also arrange for independent quality control, if requested.

Technical expertise

Our Supply Catalogue lists the specifications of some 2,000 items. Supply Division has teams of specialists for a wide range of commodity groups, including vaccines, cold chain and immunization devices, micronutrients and pharmaceuticals including HIV/AIDS and malaria treatments, medical equipment, educational supplies, and water, environment and sanitation items.


Reliable delivery

Our Copenhagen warehouse stocks over 850 items that can be packed and sent within a short time. Global freight-forwarding arrangements ensure quality service at competitive rates.

Supply related services

To ensure the efficient, effective storage and flow of supplies from the port of entry to the household level, WILLWORTH can provide related services, if required


Commodities and Services

Though Procurement Services, WILLWORTH offers a comprehensive range of services and essential commodities such as vaccines, safe injection materials, essential medicines, medical and diagnostic supplies, bed nets, micronutrients, therapeutic food, educational supplies, equipment and supplies to ensure safe drinking water.
Supply services available include warehousing, in-country logistics and other operational support with the aim of developing capacity in national procurement and supply systems or assist in emergency situations.


The WILLWORTH Supply Catalogue, available online, contains detailed specifications for some 2,000 products, as well as technical bulletins.  Please click on a specific commodity group for more information.

Ø Malaria 

Ø Immunisation  

Ø Medicines

Ø Nutrition

Ø Water and sanitation

Ø Education equipment


Supply Services

At the partner’s request and depending on each specific case a range of supply services can be offered though Procurement Services.

§  Print out two copies of the contract and sign both.

§  Submit both original signed copies to the WILLWORTH Country Office Representative or directly to WILLWORTH Procurement Services for approval and subsequent signature.

§  Once approved, a signed copy will be returned to the partner for their records.

§  Please note that any changes to the standard MOU template will require the clearance from the Director of Supply Division prior to signature.

For further information on WILLWORTH Procurement Services please contact us.


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