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Organizational Structure Inventory sheet

This inventory is designed to help reveal the strengths and limitations of your current organization structure. It may also serve as document to guide future planning.

Human Resources

Board  Excellent   Sufficient    Insufficient
Professional Expertise of board members      
Attendance rate at meetings by board members      
Level of engagement and involvement with organization       
Financial contributions made to the organization      
Recruitment and review procedures for board members       
Committee Structure      
Board leadership      
Current by-laws and other legal documentation is in place      


Staff Experience Excellent     Sufficient    Insufficient
Experience in program planning and implementation      
Experience in financial planning and management      
Public relations experience       
Marketing experience      
Fund-raising experience      
Experience in designing and managing database      
Understands and uses the latest technology databases      
Clerical support is available      
Volunteer coordination is in place      


Personal Management Excellent   Sufficient  Insufficient
A staff manual has been developed      
Formal hiring/firing procedures are in place       
Employees are evaluated on an annual basis      
Salaries are appropriate an\d competitive      
Employees have healthcare benefits       
A retirement plan is in place for employees      
Staff meetings are held on a regular basis      
Communication between board and staff      


Public Relations and Marketing  Excellent  Sufficient  Insufficient
A formal planning process is in place      
Surveys or other tools are used to gather market data      
Market data is collected and processed      
Members of the media are regularly contact about events       
Projects and events are marketed on a regular basis      
Ongoing publicity Marketing for the entire organization       
Format evaluation processes are in place      
Print materials are attractive (stationary)      
Promotional materials (brochures) are effective and attractive       


Finance  Excellent      Sufficient   Insufficient
Annual budgeting  procedures are in place      
Bookkeeping/accountings procedures are in place      
Earned income goals are met      
Organization operates without a deficit      


Fundraising and Development Excellent      Sufficient   Insufficient
An annual fundraising and development planning process is in place      
Data on donors is collected and processed      
Annual fundraising goals are met      
New donors are cultivated      
Potential donors are asked to contribute      
Organization has secured funds from foundations      
Organization has secured funds from Government sources      
Organization has secured funds from individual dohors      


Facilities Excellent     Sufficient   Insufficient
Private office space is available for executive staff      
Shared office space is available for administrative staff      
Shall meeting rooms for seminar  and workshops       
Mid-size auditorium (seating at 100-250)      
Large auditorium (251-500+)      
Storage space us available      
Accessible for people with disabilities       


Equipment Excellent     Sufficient   Insufficient
Office Furniture      
Computer stations      
Database system      
Graphic design/desktop publishing      
Spreadsheet accounting      
Photo copying equipment       
Telecommunications system (voice mail, intercom, fax machines, email capability and internet access)


Organization has a website


Audio/Video recording equipment





Program Planning and Evaluation Excellent     Sufficient   Insufficient
Formal planning processes are used (annual seasonal)      
Surveys or other tools are used to gather feedback      
Audience data is collected and processed      
A program evaluation process is in place      

Adapted from: increasing cultural participation: An Audience Development planning Handbook for presenters, Producers and Their Collaborators. By willworth corporation team.  

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