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Opportunities for financial institutions

Opportunities for financial institutions

Financial institutions face challenges in understanding the financial sector, even as the financial sector requires additional capital. This need for capital arises from multiple levels, including utilities, SMEs, community schemes, and household installations Retail credit schemes.



 There exist significant opportunities for financial institutions to create services for this sector by leveraging understanding and sector-based knowledge.

Willworth Corporation/ab¨ev` offers:

v Policy: To develop effective policy and regulation.

v Market strategies: Develop market strategies for low-income urban and remote areas.

v Strategy reviews: Reviews, impact evaluation, and baseline surveys of financial projects.

v Product development: Developing financial products with financial service providers.

v Capacity-building: Toolkit development and training for financial institutions and financial SMEs.

v Innovation & digitalization: Advising the integration of smart technologies for efficiency and financial performance.



Our impact



10+ bank managers and field

staff trained on SDGs and


financing SMEs and households

25+ financial products

developed through targeted research

Five Toolkits developed to support the financing sector in different sector.




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