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Integrity Strategy

Integrity means behavioral excellence influenced by morality and honesty and adherence to time-tested norms, values, customers and principles of a society. At the individual level, it means being duty-bound and honest. The overall purpose of a National Integrity Strategy (NIS) is to provide a system of governance that creates trust among works & beneficiaries.



Integrity Strategy’s Vision and Mission

The government’s vision for the country, as contained in the Strategy, is ‘A happy & prosperous Golden Bengal’. To that end, the Government is committed to implement the Strategy to achieve the Mission that ‘Establishment of good governance in state institutions and society.


Goals and principles

The Strategy is an instrument to enhance integrity and eliminate corruption within institutions. Improved honesty and morality in people, policies and procedures are seen as a vehicle to address and rectify the crisis of integrity that the institutions are presently in.


Necessary Topics

  •  Best Practice
  •  Code of conduct
  •  Compliant Box
  •  National Integrity Strategy of Bangladesh
  •  WW Integrity Work plan 2020-2021


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