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Human resource devlopment

Human resources development is focused on recruitment and in-house training for both on the job and off the job willworth / Dhonnabad staff members through the training institute. Training institute is fully equipped with a professional library, modern training aids and professional faculty. Library has about 3000 books on banking, economics, accounting, management, marketing and other related subjects. Main training activities consist of in-depth foundation programs for entry level management trainees. Specialized training programs in the areas like general banking, advance, foreign exchange, marketing and accounts etc. Are also organized by the training depending on need.

Frequently outreach programs are organized to meet demand for new and specialized skills. During its 15 years of existence, training institute not only conducted courses, workshops and seminars as required by the willworth. In addition to conducting courses internally, the institute also selects candidates for nomination to various courses conducted by distinguished training organizations in the country including different training institute. The training also re-designs its courses, programs etc, regularly to meed the requirement of new skills arising out of various directives, guidelines of the concern authority and significant changes in this sector from time to time.

Last modified on Feb-15-2020, 01:31 AM

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