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Gender justice diversity

Seven out of ten ever-married women in Bangladesh experience some form of intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

Gender-based violence is a phenomenon deeply rooted in gender inequality and continues to be one of the most notable human rights violations within all societies. Patriarchy and structural factors at multiple levels within our societies prevent women and girls from gaining access to equal opportunities and realizing their dreams. Both women and men experience gender-based violence but the majority of victims are women and girls. Working with men and boys is part of the solution to bring about gender transformative change in our society.

Willworth’s integrated gender transformative approach strengthens the voice, choice and space for women and girls to combat violence and eliminate all forms of gender discrimination with the active engagement of men and boys. Willworth  works for transforming socio-cultural gender norms; building capacity of staff and stakeholders; creating a supportive working environment; advocating for gender equality and gender justice at all level through gender mainstreaming.

Last modified on Feb-19-2020, 04:46 PM

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