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We have compiled the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Check them out. If you still can’t find your answer, call our helpline.


Does the name willwoth stand for anything as an acronym?


Will and worth makes the willwoth. Will indicates the positiveness, intends, willingness and worth means assets, credit, worthiness. If you have the positiveness/willingness, sincerity & devotion you will be certainly awarded by assets, honour & respect.


What is Dhonnobad?


Dhonnobad is the digital financial service of Bangladesh Post Office. Dhonnobad is a dynamic and secure Digital Financial Service that facilitates customer's daily financial transaction needs like Cash In, Cash Out, Send Money (P2P), Mobile Recharge etc. OUTLET is also going to bring attractive new products and services.


What is Outlet?


Outlet is the willworth/dhonnobad authorized business person with shop, conduct the last mile retail customer transaction. That retailer point is called outlet point.


What is Willworth?


Ans: Willworth helps you sell more and sell easily. Using Willworth, your customers can place orders easily on your page, and you can also manage your orders and inventory effortlessly without having to build a separate website.


Why should you use Willworth?


Willworth provides a more professional outlook to your Facebook store, and lets you provide better customer service. It lets buyers know when products are not available immediately, and allows them to place orders with just one click. Buyers who are registered on Willworth don't have to provide their contact details to sellers repeatedly.




Is Willworth a marketplace?


No, Willworth is not a marketplace. Willworth is an application like Viber or Whatsapp. Applications like Viber help you chat with your friends for free. Similarly, Willworth helps you sell on your Facebook page for free. It's similar to having your own website integrated with your Facebook page.




Are there any risks of using Willworth?


At Willworth, we respect your concerns about privacy and value the relationship that we have with you. We use technology to collect information about your business in order to enhance your experience and enable you to take opportunities of our latest features and offerings. The information that we receive allow us to work with you and help you grow.
The information you provide to us are protected and encrypted with the highest layers of security, and will never be made available to third parties.




How can Willworth provide its services for free?


Like most popular applications such as Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook, the current version of Willworth will always be free for its customers. In the future, we will launch a version with more features which will only be available with payment.


In addition we provide photography, Facebook marketing and home delivery services to our clients for payment.




Is it mandatory to use Willworth delivery services if we install Willworth?


No. We only provide delivery services on request. Before providing delivery services, we meet the seller to understand the nature of their products and customers.




How do I install Willworth?


Go to and click on Start selling. Log in with your Facebook profile, verify your phone number and address. Finally, click on Add new pages to select the pages to which you want to install Willworth. You can also download the Willworth app from the Play Store.




How can I upload products on Willworth?


To upload products, go to the Products tab, and click on Add Products. Select the pictures of the product you want to upload, and enter their names, quantity, descriptions and price. To make the product visible to customers, click on the Facebook and Willworth buttons. When they turn blue, the products will become visible to customers.




How can I manage my pre-order business on Willworth?


If you work on pre-order basis, simply type in 10,000 units in the quantity section while uploading products through Willworth. This way, stock will not run out, and you can take up to 10,000 orders for a single product.




How can I manage my orders on Willworth?


To manage your orders, go to the Order tab. When customers place an order, the orders are saved on this tab as “Pending”. You can mark pending orders as received, delivered, or cancelled based on the customers’ response. Orders you mark as received will be counted as a sale on your dashboard.


How can I manage my inventory on Willworth?


To manage your inventory on Willworth, type the correct number of units in the quantity section while uploading a product. When orders are placed, receive the order. This will automatically subtract the order from the inventory.


Last modified on Feb-19-2020, 02:07 AM

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