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1. DSE 2. SSE 3. GL
Salary        : 17000/+Commission 
Salary: 19000/-+ Commission 22000/-+ 
Target        : 10 CASA  15CASA 20CASA
Scheme/FDR: 10A/C


Month & Balance: 15 Lac 20 Lac 25 Lac


Requirement Cr: 2 Years Experience in Banking/NBFI

Contract For 2 Year (Renewable on Performance)


Other Benefit : As a Permanent Officer

TA/DA-               Assistant. Officer

Closing Allowance

Festival Bonus


Incentive Bonus




Basic 10000 12000 15000
Convenes 5000 5000 5000
Mobile  2000 2000 2000
Total 17000 19000 22000



Ø  DSEs and SSEs will be entitled for fixed monthly salary of Taka 17,000 and Taka 19,000 respectively subject to fulfillment of their fixed monthly target.

Ø  Target for DSEs and SSEs will be 20 Accounts (10 CASA) and 25 Accounts (15 CASA) respectively.

Ø  DSEs and SSEs will enjoy 01 (One) months probation period from the date of their joining and will be eligible for fixed salary of 17,000 and Taka 19,000 respectively even if they do not achieve their target.


Ø  Commission structure of the DSEs and SSEs for CASA Account will be as under:



Si No. Volume Slab(No. of SB/CD/SND Account) Commission for Each 
01 21-30 Accounts Tk. 75 Per Account
02 31-40 Accounts Tk. 100 Per Account
03 41-50 Accounts Tk. 150 Per Account
04 50+ Accounts Tk. 200 Per Account


Ø  Subject to achieving core target, DSEs and SSEs will be allowed commission @ Tk 50 per Scheme Account.

Ø  DSEs and SSEs will be allowed commission @ Tk. 50 per Debit Card for up-to 20 Debit Cards, @ Tk. 100 per Debit Card for more than 20 Debit Cards

Ø  For non-achievement of Target, Salary will be disbursed on pro-rata basis.


Target for Loan is Tk. 8.00 lac per month. For achieving the target, proposed incentive will be as follows:

Achievement  Compensation
Tk. 8.00 lac Tk. 5000 & Commission Tk. 1000
Tk. 8.01 lac to Tk. 20.00  Tk. 5000 & Commission Tk. 150 per 
Above Tk. 20.00 lac Tk. 5000 & Commission Tk. 200 per 



Incentive will be given for partial achievement of the target on pro-rata basis. However, minimum achievement must be Tk. 2.00 lac for entitlement of the incentive. For example, Tk. 1250 will be paid for disbursement of Tk. 2.00 lac.


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