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At a glance

At a glance

Willwoth aims to become a reliable and powerful distribution, delivery and digital platform that will introduce innovative, technological, socially responsible products and solutions to ensure customer comfort and empower lives. We take pride in collaborating with for all out distribution needs.

ab¨ev` is an income generating initiative of Willwoth Corporation to help under privileged children/youth to learn skills to earn though projects of Willwoth.

We believe in creative strategies which are backed by data; content which is not only brilliant. Willwoth Corporation is involved in business relation with producers, suppliers, disixibutors, manufacturers ( e.g Uniliver, Square, Sajeeb Corporation, TK ohinoor, different rice mills etc) and promoting open and competitive low income generating group entrepreneurs with markets/shopkeepers through financial assistance in the form of in kind providing products and services as competitive rates and maintains a good stock of different products and catalyzing & mobilizing and co-operation for individual/group shopkeepers.

Now we are going to start a new program titled ধন্যবাদ, to help local startup (literate or half literate youngs) to start a successful business. This innovative idea is to help them to start and at the same time create employment and economic development for entrepreneurs. Our country has an increasingly young population between the age of 18 and 40 and all of them are looking for job opportunities. With this methodology we want to stimulate economic development and local employment with a group of under privileged group of small outlets who have a kiosk and ability to run a small business. It is an effort for social and economic development of group members. As all corporate business concerns are capturing retail end of the market and value addition of their product is more than 50%; we like to curtail the additional value during purchase of commodities against pre contract basis. There for as the lead Agent (of the bank/FI) for purchase of investment items (Consumer & grocer's) on behalf of selected beneficiaries and shopkeepers. We also committed to bear the responsibility of recovery of investment by installments on monthly basis/

In SME sector; generally no cash collateral security is required for financing. Taking this consideration and to achieve its purpose, we offer development impact solutions through grass-root level intervention, direct investment as in kind, advisory services and the financial management services (collection, disbursement, adjustment, repayment etc) standard setting, and business enabling environment work to the deserving outlets.  After graduation in EEE, MS in Telecommunication, MBA, CTE, MFTOT; S, gained an experience of twenty years in Telecom, Finance and Education Sector with holding senior position as an Executive Director, Additional Managing Director, Advisor, Faculty of different university. More than two decade of experience in financial & telecom field having extensive experience in formulating corporate vision and long term strategy, leading all marketing related functions including spearheading numerous product innovation, MFS, DFS, segmentation, VAS, data, Brand management & development, customer relationship management (CRM), Managing CSR and believes transparency, commitment and team work. Also advising some renowned companies including NBFI, Bank & leasing companies, insurance and academic institution (university/IT Institute, Research Centre etc) gained an experience in different project planning & handing that constitute a pull factor, aggregating small holding, startups into the value change and upgrading the quality & efficiency of entrepreneur leading to a more sustainable system.

Willwoth Corporation is financial technology (FinTech) company that want to maximize revenue for its partners by marketing digital financial & other associated services to mass population ensuring compliance Better customer experience thus contribute in financial inclusivity & socio-economic development of the country. We are in the business of financially and consumer & household appliances connecting unbanked and not-conveniently average population of Bangladesh.


Willwoth aims to become a reliable and powerful distribution, delivery and digital platform that will introduce innovative, technological, socially responsible projects and solutions to ensure customer comfort and empower lives.  We take pride in collaborating with some financial institution and for betterment of partner needs.


We believe in creative strategies which are backed by data, content which is not only brilliant, but also effective, and most importantly measuring impact of work to maximize return on investment… But we bet you will remember how all this made you feel today. Excitement, anxiety, glory, pride! We understand that delivering a fabulous experience to your audience makes you feel great, At 3rd Tech; we simplify technology to help you create fabulous brand experiences worth remembering ten years from now.


One third of Bangladesh's population is 10-24 years old, and two million young people enter the labor market every year. Half of the adult population is illiterate or semi-literate and most young people end up with irregular, informal jobs. Young Bangladeshis face a precarious future, despite living in one of the worlds' fastest growing economies. This is not because of a lack of job opportunities, but because of a lack of skills. Many industries are forced to import mid-level skilled manpower due to such gaps.


Skilling Bangladesh: Unlocking the Potential Of Future Generations

We will use skills to ensure inclusive and sustainable economic growth and create decent employment opportunities in domestic and overseas markets for 500,000 young people by 2020. We launched the Skills Development Program in 2015 to contribute to skill the country. The program is designed to support the Government of Bangladesh implement the National Skills Development Policy.

Willwoth Business incubation :

Includes customized micro loans through business incubation support and mentoring for youth in the informal market and establishing a youth entrepreneurs network.

Willwoth Technical consulting Involves:

Support to professionals, institutions and trainers on decent work standards, fire safety and occupational health and safety.

Willwoth Social inclusion :

Engaging community members to create safe spaces for young people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We act as a catalyst, creating opportunities for people living in poverty to realise their potential to transform their own lives. We specialise in taking an idea, testing it, perfecting it and then scaling it up rapidly in a cost-efficient manner without compromising quality. We stand out from others not just for the scale and range of our work, but because of our relentless drive to innovate and correct our own errors. We work like a business, but instead of maximising profit, we maximise gains in quality of life, for all. For some, simple solutions can make all the difference. Skills development is an urgent need in Bangladesh, because of the high number of underemployed young people and our increasing dependence on skilled manpower from neighboring countries.

Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh is a facility to create economic opportunities for small businesses by changing the behavior of market actors in the financial sector. We are improving the policy and regulatory environment for financial institutions, inducing private sector investment in expanding the frontiers of finance, and enhancing the credit worthiness of small businesses.

Small businesses are among the main drivers of growth for countries worldwide. In Bangladesh, small businesses employ over half of the country’s workforce and contribute to a quarter of GDP. These 8 million small business, also known officially as cottage, micro and small enterprises (CMSEs) are the foundation of the country’s private sector.

Access to and use of formal financial services is one the major drivers of growth of small businesses in Bangladesh and the rest of the world, according to World Business Environment Survey Investment Climate Surveys.

This means credit for investments, digital payments to efficiently send and receive money for goods and services, deposit accounts and digital wallets to safely store excess liquidity, and insurance to de-risk investments.

Yet 75% of Bangladeshi small business are un served by the formal financial sector, while the rest are under-served. Financial institutions have little incentive to serve the small business segment because capital constraints, conservative boards and regulatory environment discourage investment in a segment with high costs of risk assessment and distribution.

Many small businesses choose not to use formal services even where these are available. There is little incentive to use available services due to limited product and channel offering, and inflexible product and pricing features.

This means small businesses struggle to grow, and the wider benefits of healthy and growing small businesses to the overall economy are muted.



Creating Opportunities Countrywide

The ধন্যবাদ program is a partnership between GO, NGO, Multinational companies. It is executed by Willwoth Corporation with the co-operation of implementing agency.



Improving the Policy And Regulatory Environment

The Willwoth aims to improve the policy and regulatory environment for financial institutions, incentivising them to make long-term investments in growing their small business portfolio.

We do this by generating evidence and actionable recommendations to build the case for regulatory change, improving sector coordination and building consensus between regulators and market actors to facilitate adoption of recommendations for policy change, and advising and assisting the concern department and regulators to implement these changes.

Triggering Private Sector Investments

Willwoth is catalysing private sector investment in developing new prototypes and scaling viable business models that serve small businesses based on understanding challenges small businesses face in accessing and using financial services.

By absorbing some of the financial-risk associated with investing in these business models through a grant of up to 50% of the project, we expect the private sector to overcome market failures that would otherwise prevent them from making an initial investment, either from the cost of information discovery, costs of mitigating risks or simple lack of available capital.

Enhancing the Credit Worthiness of Small Businesses

We are also improving the credit worthiness of small businesses, enabling financial institutions to reduce the cost of risk assessment and improve the risk-adjusted returns of lending and investing in small businesses.

We do this by investing in private sector proposed commercially-viable business solutions and assisting the Microcredit Regulatory Authority to establish a functioning microfinance credit information bureau.

The ধন্যবাদ program is managed by Willwoth Corporation.

Willwoth Corporation is an economics and management consulting firm which has been at the forefront of working with government and business since its founding.

Our practice areas include financial sector development, private sector development, women’s economic empowerment, economic policy and governance, and trade and logistics.

Willwoth staff have recognized, in-depth knowledge and expertise working in their respective fields. Since 2000, Willwoth has successfully managed more than 55 long-term projects .

Willwoth create high quality evidence to help turn date evidence into better programs and policies for the poor.  Our theory of change addresses two problems we see in the country , that there is limited evidence on what works to help the poor, and that the evidence that does exist is often unused by those who create and run programs for the poor. This leads to programs that are either ineffective or not as effective as they could be, and often, to wasted money and enduring poverty. Imagine if the trillions of dollars spent on aid in the past fifty years went to programs that had a tangible, cost-effective impact. WILLWOTH exists to make this vision a reality. By designing and evaluating potential solutions to country poverty problems and supporting decision-makers to use this evidence, Willwoth is helping to create better programs and policies, and ultimately, is building a country  with more evidence and less poverty.

1. Creating high quality evidence

In partnership with top researchers in the field, we design and implement randomized evaluations to measure the effectiveness of programs and policies aimed at helping the poor. We specialize in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) because this rigorous methodology, considered the gold standard of impact evaluation design, allows us to isolate the effects of a program from other factors. Like in medical trials, researchers assign partic Willwothnts at random to different study groups. One or more groups receive a program (the “treatment groups”) and another group serves as the comparison (or “control”) group.

Willwoth Evaluations Do Not Simply Give A Passing Or Failing Grade To Programs, But Rather Seek To Uncover & Disentangle Causal Mechanisms And Determine Which Adjustments Will Make a Program More Effective.

Our well-established partnerships in the countries where we work, and a strong understanding of local contexts, help make our research projects successful. Our teams operating in countries work on the ground to develop new studies with NGOs and government institutions interested in conducting rigorous evaluations of their programs and in testing new ideas. Willwoth has more than 1,000 research staff who implement the research on the ground. Studies range in time from months, to years, to decades.

Once an intervention has proven effective in one context, we work to test it in other contexts. This replication process is an essential step on the path to scaling up effective programs.

Willwoth has an extensive network of more than 100 researchers from among the top universities in the country who collaborate with us in designing and conducting the evaluations. Many of these academics are pioneers in their fields of research, particularly in development economics.

To date, we have designed and evaluated some potential solutions to poverty problems and have over 100 more evaluations in progress. With this experience, Willwoth has developed extensive expertise in conducting successful evaluations, from the initial concept stage to the sharing of results.



2. Turning evidence into better programs and policies for the poor.

Willwoth also works to ensure that decision-makers use and apply evidence by making it useful and accessible. Our approach to ensuring evidence is used to inform decision-making includes three key components:

Ø Creating high quality, policy-relevant evidence together with decision-makers.

Ø Proactive sharing of results.

Ø Technical assistance to apply solutions at scale.


At the study level, our teams work closely with their implementing partners from government, NGOs, for-profits, and civil society to ensure that they are involved in crafting the research questions, understand the data they are collecting, and will be able to use it. Our teams also write plain language summaries of each study, both before there are results, and an update after, for our website and to share locally.

At the sectoral level, we synthesize evidence, often in collaboration with our partners. We also produce media releases, op-eds, and events that highlight and summarize evidence across a particular sector.

As an organization, our comparative advantage is our local presence in the countries where we have established offices. This allows us both to develop strong long-term relationships with decision-makers and a long-term view for evidence-based policy.

Our country level approach leverages these relationships to:

Ø work with decision-makers in priority sectors to identify key research questions.

Ø share key findings through events, workshops, and local media.

Ø train local organizations and government entities to understand, use, and apply evidence.

Ø promote and facilitate the adoption of the most effective solutions.

From the concept stage of a study to results sharing with policymakers and practitioners, Willwoth is working to make sure strong evidence exists on what programs work, and that development aid and practice move towards those effective programs.

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